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    We've built CEEDA Gold to demonstrate that your data centre can meet "best-in-class" standards of energy use including a low annualised PUE and economised cooling.

    GOLD Award - discover more


Data centreCEEDA is an international assessment based awards programme and can be achieved by organisations with data centre facilities anywhere in the world.


CEEDA provides externally verifiable evidence that an organisation is implementing operational improvements, design improvements and evolving new measures that maximise energy efficiency.


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In order to take the next step and to engage with the programme please make an enquiry here.


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Award criteria

Assessors will be looking at your whole data centre operation, including:


  • Processes
  • Technologies
  • Personnel

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Differentiate and facilitate business

A CEEDA proficiency will set your company apart from competition by demonstrating your proven data centre efficiency and expertise to customers which will help you capitalise on a range of business opportunities.

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Green IT

The most cost effective way to reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint is through smarter and more efficient use of IT. New green IT skills are an essential requirement to achieve an organisation’s green agenda.